What Is The Real Cost Of Coffee, Snacks And Lunch To You?

What Is The Real Cost Of Coffee, Snacks And Lunch To You?

Here is a Free Calculator that will instantly show you how much a cup of coffee really costs – over time.

Did you know that a cup of coffee each day can cost you over $93,000?

As we start a New Year we usually do so with a commitment to make some positive changes in our lives and saving more money is often on the list.

You can use the calculator as ‘motivation’ to start saving small, because you will see that a small change can make a massive difference to your future financial security.

In the calculator (spreadsheet) below, we have shown the cost of each small item and expanded it over several time frames. There is the assumption that you will invest this ‘loose’ change instead of buying all the items.

The last column ‘Cost Over Years Projected’ can be adjusted to suit your selected time-frame.

How to operate the Calculator

  • Only Enter information into the GREY sections
  • You can alter each Item, Unit Cost and Units Per Week
  • To adjust the Years Projected, (your time frame) and the Earning Rate (what you might expect to earn if it was invested), you enter the new information at B20 and B21 (also in grey)
  • As you enter the new information the calculator will automatically adjust the totals
  • If you refresh the page in your browser, the calculator will re-set to the default details.

Points To Note

What surprises people is the massive amount of money saved in the later years – This is a result of ‘Compound Interest’. Investing over time acts like a snowball, it starts small but as you keep at it, it accelerates.  You can read more about compound interest at the popular post:

Your savings results can be greater than what is shown here – To buy these items you need to use after tax money. If you invested the money required to buy the items before being fully taxed, say in a retirement plan, the savings benefit would be greater.

The effect of inflation has not been taken into account.

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