It can be easy to put off breaking out of your comfort zone and following a brand new path. Taking a leap of faith can also make you stronger, happier and give you more freedom. If you feel changing careers might be worth exploring, here are some tips to help you make up your mind.

Work Out Your Likes & Dislikes

Before you jump out of your current job, take the time to analyse what you like and don’t like about your current role. Ask yourself what your passions are, where your skills lie and what you enjoy doing. It can be difficult to get started on a list, so start with the areas of your job that you dislike. There are online tools to help you with this process, such as career assessment tools. Completing these assessments can help you uncover your best assets and most valuable skills.

What Transferrable Skills Do You Have?

Leveraging your current skillset can help you plan your next career change. Many of the skills acquired throughout your career to date can be applied to a variety of new jobs. For example – maybe you have proven experience in telecommunication sales and managing a brand? Partnering with a company such as Telcoinabox and their wholesale suppliers allows you to utilise your sales experience while building your very own business and brand. You might be surprised by what skills relate to completely different fields.

Research New Careers

Before you make the decision to follow a new career path, do plenty of research. While some careers might sound glamorous, you may find the day-to-day operations are highly stressful or just plain boring. Research online to find out some of the duties you would be performing. Keep in mind it can take you several years of working your way up the ladder to land in the position you are dreaming of. Start looking at job seeking sites to familiarise yourself with the types of candidates they are searching for. Job advertisements list the types of duties you need to be proficient in, this information can help you decide whether further training is an immediate necessity.

Learn the Value of Networking

The majority of people already understand the need to network. In the workplace, networking can mean the difference between signing a new client or landing a new job. But there are many other benefits networking can provide for you. Your network may help in providing information on a company you dream of working for, or you could find yourself connecting with a potential career mentor. Someone in your network may already have a connection to the industry you hope to break into, making your journey a little bit easier.

While it can be daunting, rest assured that it is never too late to change your goals and career path. Once you have determined what you really want, your passion for your new career is a great driving force to successfully making the move. It might take you a while to get there, but carving out your own career path is highly satisfying.

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