Here are the high flying ‘Top Five‘ financial posts and pages at humble savers for 2012. The list is measured by the number of page ‘views’.

1.    How To Value Frequent Flyers – Cash or Fly?

This post includes a handy calculator for determining the value of your frequent flyer points (miles) and compares the value of using the points to fly or to ‘cash them in’ for a gift card.

The post has been highlighted on along with a number of travel websites and many of the views are linked back to these websites. However, most views are are a result of people bookmarking the page and revisiting when they need to.

2.    The Home Page

Looks like many readers like to ‘check in’ every once in a while and see the latest updates. The home page simply carries the latest blog posts.

3.    The Quotes Page

This page carries over a hundred savings and investment quotes and is really popular. Most people come to this page via Google search inquiries. It has also been a popular page on Twitter. In the New Year we will revisit the page and make it easier to search the quotes.

4.    Financial Planner Checklist – 8 Questions You Must Ask

Looks like a lot of people have been asking their financial planner some tough questions! This has been a popular post and many readers have also downloaded the Free Checklist that can be downloaded with the post.

I have been told by a number of financial planners that they have also used the checklist with clients and prospects which is great to hear.

This post goes hand-in-hand with: Financial Plan Checklist – What To Check In Your Financial Plan. This post looks at the core elements of what makes a good financial plan and that also includes a free checklist.

5.    First Home Buyer – Fastest Way To Save For A Deposit

This post is popular with Google search inquiries. It highlights some great tips for saving up to get that much needed deposit for the first home. The post looks at ways to save money and just as important, how to make more money.

During 2013 we will continue with our posts and bring a greater direct ‘savings’ focus.

We’re looking forward to staying in touch during 2013 and wish all our readers a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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