After the high of the festive season, January can bring you back down to earth with a bit of a thud, if the thought of planning your finances feels you with dread, do not worry it doesn’t have to be too painful planning the year ahead. You might have some great plans for the year such as going for a vacation, surprising your friends and family with great gifts, treating yourself, clearly the list is endless. However, you are unable to settle on what ought to be done. Let’s face it, you are scared that January might turn into a nightmare if you do not spend your finances wisely.

For a start, it’s a good thing that you know exactly where the problem lies and that takes us one step closer to coming up with a plan. It might seem impossible to successfully plan for January but trust me, it is very possible. Here are a few tips to help you go through one of the most dreaded times of the year!

1 – Plan!

Most of us tend to forget how planning makes our lives easier. You always plan for work, plan for school, plan on paying bills, plan for interviews, you literally plan for almost every activity that you engage in in your daily life. Sadly, we tend to forget that we need to plan for January especially because we will be entrenched in the excitement that precedes it.

To make your January less stressful, if possible, spare some of your time, sit down and analyze what you plan to engage in during the festive season, plan how much you really can afford to spend, plan how you will live through January because bills can never decide to take a mannequin challenge just because it’s January. After you do that, then you can have fun and walk into January like a prince.

2 – Avoid unnecessary expenditure 

As you settle on what to do, please, just make sure that it does not (in any way) overstretch you financially and you will feel great while doing it. You do not want to start your year in debts. You can settle for nature trails, park visits, outings, and do whatever it is that floats your boat and ensure the weight will not make it sink.

3 – Save

At some point you have saved some money to achieve a certain goal. You could have bought presents, a car, a house, land, an electronic, etc. That should have made you realise the power of saving especially when you plan for something beyond what your finances can manage. Therefore, save for January throughout the year.

4 – Saving together

You are not the only one who is worried about January and you know it. Instead of letting your worry get the better part of you, am sure that you can convince a few of your friends to commit themselves to save in preparation for January. Make them see the importance and how it would benefit them. While saving alone is good, doing it as a group keeps you motivated and you will always be on your toes just to ensure that you do not let them down. Do that and when January comes, you will be smiling as they thank you for being the superhuman that makes the tough times become super smooth.

5 – Using planning tools

Thanks to technology we have tools that can actually assist you on planning for January and even for the festive season within your budget. This ensures that you do not incur financial constraints in any way and hence, you usher into a happy January. Using online trading tools for your business might make your business easier and fruitful. You might try CMC Markets which offers trade tools that help you carry out trade in a way that suits your needs.

6 – Invest

Investing is a wise option because it is a great way of ensuring financial security. Not to mean that you should squander all your profits and wait for growth to occur out of nowhere, reinvesting your profits ensures that you earn more. Who knows, you might even have more than enough and you will not even be able to notice what time of the year it is because all your expenses will be already sorted.

Try these and with time, you will get to learn that January, is just a month like any other and you should not sweat or panic about it. While it might prove to be a difficult time, you might be surprised of how great you can become at going through this time smoothly and live as if it’s another Christmas for you.

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