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Is Now The Right Time To Invest In The Stock Market? A very common question. The answer does depend on two critical questions, 1- What is your investment time frame and 2- What is your investment personality (can you sleep at night when markets are falling?). The article includes a small chart that shows how the major stock markets of the world have performed since their previous peaks. Interestingly, Australia is dragging the chain!

Australia Becoming A Nation Of Savers (Media Release) Anyone living in Australia will know that the high street retailers have been describing the current trading conditions as the worst on record. It looks like Australian’s have become savers. More importantly, they are also becoming prudent savers, with careful research through the web and social media before making their purchases.

How to Value Frequent Flyer Miles – Cash or Fly?  A revitalised article that now comes with a simple calculator. You can quickly calculate if you are better off exchanging your frequent flyer miles (points) for a flight, or to purchase a gift card. This article has proved very popular right across the world! Must be a lot of people wanting to use up their points.

Financial Lessons From The 1940s and 1950s  We look to the past through the eyes of one of our readers and find some useful financial lessons for us all. Being raised in war torn Europe and later immigrating to Australia breeds a tough, yet savvy character and we can all lean from her experiences.

Student Spending And What They Could Have Bought  A great Infographic that shows how students spend their money and what they could have bought if they spent a little bit less on their vices! Not just for students, something for everyone in this article.

Financial Trivia
In the article ‘Is Now A Good Time To Invest In The Stock Market?’. The Australian stock market looks like a poor second cousin to the US and UK. However, over the same time period the Australian Dollar has gained in significant value over the US Dollar, up 18% and up a whopping 55% in value over the UK Pound.

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The money carnivals continue to grow in popularity. The latest include

  1. Carnival of Personal Finance #352 The Cocktail Edition
  2. Carnival of Personal Finance #351 Women’s Personal Finance Edition
  3. Carnival of Personal Finance #350 The Little Prince’s Journey To Financial Enlightenment

And lastly, the popularity of Pinterest is still growing. We’re still finding our way around this new social media platform. We have updated the ‘Quotes Board’ and we have a great range of interesting Infographics and a great social media You Tube clip. Check us out at  Pinterest – Humble Savers


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