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In what seems to be the new normal, we have yet again seen investment markets erratically rise and fall. The daily swings can be described as irrational behaviour, driven by the fear that catastrophic consequences could occur with government debt being out of control. Poorly managed debt can of course severely affect individuals as was highlighted in our recent article – Debt – Easy Come, Not So Easy Go This is a brief story describing how a Credit Card debt got out of control for ‘Debora’.

If you haven’t read the story, we strongly recommend that you do so as it highlights just how easy it is to fall into a financial hole. The key with debt is to be ever mindful that you can exit debt in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

In Australia, humble savers caused a storm amongst financial advisers. A story written for highlighted how financial adviser fee structures can really eat into investors portfolios. In short, a $200,000 investment portfolio can easily incur fees of over $350,000 for a 20 year term. This is scary stuff. The article is summarised on the humble savers website Financial Adviser fees – The Cold Hard Facts .and the original story at Despite some financial advisers having their feathers ruffled, none have challenged the facts!.

Oh No – Christmas is coming! – With the festive season now upon us we have drafted 20 Quick Money Saving Tips for Christmas. Tip 1 is – Don’t Panic! The best tip that will stop you getting into a cold sweat when the credit card bill comes around in January isTip 3- Use cash ahead of Credit Cards.

Tip 4 highlights the benefits of shopping on-line, if only to compare prices to help negotiate a better price at the store. We have recently launched a new Catalogue Page on our website. We have catalogues from many of Australia’s major retailers, including, Ikea, Dan Murphy, Officeworks, telstra, Virgin and many more. This allows you to do some great research and save before going out to buy those gifts.

Financial Trivia
BHP Billiton is the world’s largest mining company. BHP originated in 1885 from a very small Australian outback town called Broken Hill, with BHP being short for Broken Hill Proprietary. It has a current market capitalisation (value of all its shares) of over $180 Billion.  Apple Inc commenced in 1976 and now has a market capitalisation of over$340 Billion. Or to put it another way, Apple has all but doubled the size of BHP in about a quarter of the time of being in business!

Personal Insurance
Have you visited the humble savers Insurance page? Australian based readers of humble savers can now receive full Personal Insurance quotes and service from Lifebroker

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