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So, what’s being going on in the world to cause all of this craziness with the global share markets? We’ll we don’t have the answers for that question and there is little doubt that anyone does. So called experts might well be highlighting the problems in the world today but that does not explain why share markets can rise and fall so dramatically in each direction.

What we do know is that share markets are uncertain investments, always have been, always will be. To counter this uncertainty, many experts will tell you to diversify your investment risk, in other words, spread your investment portfolio across shares, property, cash on so on. What they (the experts) often forget to tell you, is that the best way to reduce your investment risk is to reduce your dependency on the investment markets. The only real way to do this is by bringing your spending under control as this gives your the freedom to allocate more savings towards your financial goals.

We have updated our website with new articles, Quick Tips and Quotes, all designed to reduce your spending. Some of the favourites are:

For people with a goal of being a real millionaire, we have written the Five Ways to Save – To be a Millionaire. This highlights the simple realities of achieving such a goal. It contains easy to read charts and highlights the importance of Compound Interest.

Quick Tips

  • You can only get insurance when you don’t need it – In other words, sort out your insurances before the real need for insurance occurs.
  • Have you ever been sold a pup? This is derived from an old English saying, “Never buy a pig in a poke” with ‘poke’ meaning ‘bag’. Confidence tricksters would switch a pig with a puppy which was of little value compared to the pig, which back in the old days was a main source of meat. The moral of the story is; make sure you see what it is that you are buying.

Financial Trivia
The most famous share market indicator in the world,The Dow Jones Industrial Average is made up of only 30 companies. The US S+P 500 is made up of 500 companies.

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