It’s a top priority for companies to create the best working environment for their employees, and one way this can be achieved is by providing vending machines. They are convenient, easy-to-use and you and your staff will reap the benefits.

For those who are wondering or considering this option, we have gathered five advantages of having a vending machine in your workplace.

1 – Food and drink will always be accessible

The accessibility of refreshments will benefit you and your staff during busy days at work where they may not want to spend time venturing out for a snack.

2 – Employee productivity will increase

Time is of the essence in workplaces, but giving your employees basic needs such as food and refreshments is also crucial.

It’s estimated that it takes about 20 seconds for a vending machine to dispense a cup of coffee or a snack, making it a time saving solution for most workplaces. Compare that to up to 10 minutes of someone’s time to prepare their own cup of coffee (and chat) or even more if they head to a nearby coffee shop!

3 – Employee satisfaction will improve

A vending machine filled with refreshments will remind your employees that you care for them, especially if you offer them for free. An employer who makes sure that their staff’s basic needs are within reach can boost morale and will cultivate happy employees.

4 – Save on space and costs

There’s no need to worry about extra staff to take care of selling the food or renting an extra work space with a vending machine. It’s also an easy addition to your workplace if you work with a vending machine provider who will take care of the stock, equipment and maintenance for you

5 – Promote a healthy lifestyle through healthier options

The health and wellness of your staff impacts the success of your business, and by providing a vending machine with healthier options you can motivate your staff to make nutritious choices.

If you recognise that employee satisfaction plays a big part for your success, and think your staff morale may be boosted by some convenient snacks, getting a vending machine could be a positive business decision.

Take the time to find the perfect vending machine to suit your employees and then everything else can be taken care of. Easy!

This post is in collaboration with Your Choice Vending.

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