Making the move into a team leader role is a great way to expand on your current skills and experiences, and turn the work you currently do into a more challenging and rewarding position. While you may think that you’re already perfect for the role because of your longevity with the company or excellent working knowledge of policies and procedures, it is important to note that simply being good at your job may not be enough to help you make the transition into a more senior and challenging position. It is often the non-technical skills and aptitudes that will get you noticed.

Read on to find out how you can start taking steps towards to become a team leader today

Consider Formal Training

If you want to make a move into management and take the reins of your own team, it may pay to enrol in a course to help give you some formal qualifications and introduce you to some of the legal and regulatory considerations of a senior position. Many registered training organisations like HBA Learning Centres Australia offer a Certificate IV in Frontline Management via flexible, self-paced delivery making it easy to chip away at in your downtime.

Act Like A Leader

This is especially important if you are looking for an internal promotion, but if you want to be considered for any senior position, act like you are already in one and show you have the aptitude to perform at the higher level. While you still need to act within your delegation, there are ways that you can show you are ready to advance. Present solutions, not problems; show initiative and make an effort to display the type of attitude and skills that show you are able to handle the task.

Ask for a Succession Plan

Don’t assume your manager knows you are looking for new experiences. Make sure you communicate your long term career goals and aspirations with your current employer. You may be able to start taking steps to transition into a leadership position by taking on some additional duties or acting in a team leader secondment role while someone is on annual leave.

Informal Training Matters Too

There are a number of resources on the internet – blogs, podcasts, white papers and more – that are dedicated to leadership styles, strategies and tips. Offline, industry journals and business publications are also excellent resources to familiarise yourself with. Start building up your knowledge bank so that when you start your new position, you can hit the ground running.

Having the skills to do your job is only the first step. To successfully land a promotion and start working in your dream leadership role, a combination of formal coursework, leading by example, expressing your desire to advance and keeping abreast with the latest developments will all go a long way towards ensuring your success.

How did you transition into a higher duties role? Leave your suggestions for success in the comments below.

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