T’is the season to be jolly indeed as Christmas is fast approaching. The yuletide season is a time for merriment for most, spending it with their loved ones, family and friends. It is a time for parties and gift-giving. And with this in mind it is also the time to be frugal as we prepare for the New Year to come.

Giving out gifts during Christmas is a tradition as old as time. But being generous does not need to burn a whole in your pocket. Here are some sure fire ways to save some much-needed moolah this holiday season. 


The key to maximizing your means is to plan everything beforehand. Impose a maximum spending limit that you can actually afford, and allocate accordingly to your family members and close friends. Remember, you don’t have to play Santa and give everyone a gift. We’re talking about the boss’s sister’s secretary or your dad’s poker buddy. Make a list and check it twice, find out who’s naughty or nice.

Make a note of what you’re planning to give each one on your list and give yourself an ample amount of time. Never shop at the last minute. Not only will you be rushing with all the other last-minute shoppers, but prices skyrocket so chances are you’ll be spending beyond your means.


Ditch the retail bins and peruse the internet for bargain sites and voucher deals. A lot of online shops offer the same products sold in malls but for a fraction of the cost. Some even offer free shipping! If you’re worried about size or authenticity – a familiar worry when buying gadgets or designer products – then consider that your safest option is actually books. Sites like Goodreads allow you to research titles before you buy.

Books make great presents and are a breath of fresh air from the digitally-run world we currently live in. Trusted Australian retailers like Bookworld ensure you’ll get the best bang for your buck. They even offer really great citizen discounts if you become a member.


Handmade gifts are always precious. It’s the easiest way to show that you actually care because it’s personal and it takes time and effort to make. It’s also a great way to save a few bucks! And with the era of the internet, there’s never a greater time than now to exercise those crafty little hands into some DIY projects. It doesn’t have to be complicated and extravagant; it’s the thought that counts. Check out projects pages like this for great DIY ideas. If arts and crafts aren’t your thing, you can always give out baked goods made with love.


If online shopping, craft and baking is cramping your retail cardio then bust out your sneakers as early as now and hit the sales. This way, you are sure to find good stuff for the best price. Don’t wait the last minute to do your retail hoarding to avoid the unnecessary stress of the adrenaline-hyped, last-minute shoppers. Just make sure to stick to the list and don’t get carried away!

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