Six more tips from Mrs humble savers to avoid falling into that trap of Impulse Buying

  1. Don’t get drawn into the current wave of retail promotions of wanting you to buy more. For example, ‘Buy five for the price of three’. Ask yourself do you really need all these items?
  2. Be mindful of the brand hype – For example, shampoo is generally the same whatever the brand name, so do you really want to pay more because of the brand even though the ingredients are much the same?
  3. Don’t get sucked in by scientific terminology related to cosmetics even when they sound legitimate. This method preys on women’s vulnerability and leads to you paying more for these types of products.
  4. Be aware of your mood as it can easily impact on your impulse to buy – If you are feeling down go on a walk rather than hit the shops.
  5. Eat before you go out – This has two key benefits, 1) Grocery shopping when you are hungry will make all items on the shelves look great and you will  buy more than you need and 2)  All those cafes in shopping centres are vying for your business and they are irresistible on an empty stomach!
  6. Don’t shop on the net after a few drinks – Internet shopping is so simple and after a few drinks you could easily be tempted to get those luxuries which otherwise you would leave alone, not to mention making some very basic errors and not ordering what you really wanted.
The challenge is to remain disciplined and practice is they key. Often the best way to practice is to limit the cash in your purse/wallet and leave the credit cards at home. Good luck.

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