Saving money is difficult and is not made any easier by some skilled salespeople who only see us as a target for their success. Following on from previous tips to help you negotiate better with a salesperson, here are some more sales tricks you should know:

  • The Price Leader – This is where heavily discounted goods are advertised just to get you in the door. It is usually not in the salesperson’s to sell the heavily discounted items as the profit margin is too low. Therefore, they tempt you to buy other similar products that are more profitable to them.
  • The accessories ‘Up-Sell’ – How many times have you bought one product but walked out with several others? This can be as simple as selling you fancy shampoo at the hairdresser after the haircut, selling extras on a new car, expensive waterproofing agents with shoes and so on. This works of the principle that you have spent some money in the first place and getting some extra out of you is quite easy as you have your wallet open.
  • Creating a sense of fear – Sales is very much an emotional game. By creating a sense of fear and scaring you, can lead you to feeling guilty if you don’t buy the goods. This is easily done with life insurance – “How will the family cope without money?” Tyres and brakes for cars – “I’d hate to see you drive off in this condition” and safety gadgets around the house where the smallest of things can be made to sound quite frightening.
  • Making you feel ‘normal’ – We always want to feel normal and accepted by our peers. Salespeople play on this when it comes to buying not so common items such a tech gadgets. Words such as “This is what everyone is buying these days” and “Our most popular brand right now is the ABC Super Whatever”
  • Selling extended warranties – The profit margin on these are very good for the salespeople and they will often have set weekly targets to achieve. Selling the extended warranty is a combination of all the tricks just listed as it adds more profit to the purchase and plays on a sense of fear as of course you want to protect your new purchase.
What we have listed are simplistic tactics that salespeople use. A good salesperson (one who sells a lot) will be very skilled at convincing you to buy what they want to sell you.
By being aware of these tactics, you should be able to detect when they are being deployed against you. As we say, forewarned is forearmed and you’ll be better positioned to buy what you really need and want.
Image from Floating Lemons

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