Given the precarious economy these days with the cost of living rising, Greece and other counties on the verge of bankruptcy and the world’s sharemarkets on a constant roller coaster ride, now could be the time for being very frugal.

These quick tips might seem a bit extreme but every penny saved can seem like gold when you need it most:

  • Buy hair clippers/scissors and cut yours and your family members hair
  • Wash your hair every two to three days to save money on shampoo
  • Walk the dog or your neighbour’s dog for exercise instead of going to an expensive gym
  • Light candles at night (be aware of fire risk though).  It’s very romantic and cost saving at the same time
  • Fire up the BBQ during the summer months to save money on electricity
  • Time your showers to five minutes to save water
  • Freeze your leftovers and take them to work for lunch
  • Go to the local market and buy bulk with neighbours, friends and relatives
  • Make your own clothes
  • Buy clothes from Op shops
  • Buy from Garage sales and car boot sales
  • Swap toys with other families when your children get bored with their toys
  • Use your local Toy Library
  • Borrow Library books rather than buy
  • Swap books and magazines with your friends and family
  • Rent out your spare room to a student during university terms, if one is close, or even your driveway if you live in a sort out area.
Have any very frugal tips of your own? Please share them with our readers

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