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Important Announcement – Humble Investors Ready To Launch

Humble Investors Is about to be launched with a goal of helping consumers ‘connect’ with financial advisers and associated businesses.

This new website will be tailored for Australian Investors who are seeking great information, tips and strategy with the ability to connect with real advisers.

humble savers will continue to provide great savings tips and ideas.


Since commencing humble savers we have received a significant number of inquiries from businesses who want to post articles to the humble savers website. We have now decided to allow Professional Posts under the following conditions:

  • Must be Informative – Each article must add value to the reader
  • Money Related – Each article must revolve about money – savings, investment, protection and debt
  • Your own work or approved – All articles must be your own work or you have approval to publish the article on the web from the original author
  • No Spam – Links are allowed but only back to your website which must be money related. We reserve the right to remove links if we believe they are spam
  • Compliant – Articles need to be comply with the rules. To assist, please do not provide product specific articles. If a product is mentioned, a link back is required to a page with all the information
  • Disclosure – A general advice warning will be issued for articles deemed necessary. We strongly advise that you include your own general advice disclosure with links back to your own business.

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Why have your article posted at humble savers?

humble savers is generating a strong following in the world of personal finance. Readership is growing as they enjoy:

  • Short, sharp and practical money saving tips
  • Investment ideas for different stages of life
  • The tools and checklists
  • Some humour
  • Lot’s of popular money quotes.
The website is very well linked to popular personal finance websites
By posting your articles to humble savers you will:
  • Increase the opportunities to build your own website readership through a wider audience
  • Know that the humble savers’ audience is interested in personal finance
  • Improve your own personal and business brand
  • Increase links back to your website.
In addition, we will post articles to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter.
We plan to use funds raised through the sponsored posts to promote humble savers to an even greater audience.
We are also in the process of building another website to complement humble savers – for more information, see our Adviser Page

The website – is now in test mode – You can visit to get a good overview of the direction that it is taking

Who should post articles at humble savers?

Any business that helps people with money. For example:
  • Financial advisers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Credit providers
  • Budget planners
  • Services to help people to do their own finances

How else can humble savers help you?

humble savers is associated to Humble Financial Services. Through this business we can offer:
  • Copy writing of your articles
  • Assistance with the ‘positioning’ of your brand
  • Review your website – will it be liked by Google? Do you have a call to action that will work?
  • Strategic review of tour web and social media planning
  • We will also share what worked, what didn’t, learning experiences from other posters and so on.

More Information is also available on our Adviser Page


Fees for posting content to humble savers

Fees will be negotiated. For a firm quote please email me directly and include the following information:

  • Your business – Name and services you offer
  • The focus of your article
  • How many articles you may post over 12 months.

How to contact

To have all your questions answered simply complete the form below with your name, your email address and questions.


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