Technology has come so far that we can do almost everything online, including shopping. For quite some time now, marketplace sites like Ebay and Etsy have been ruling the game by connecting sellers to an audience of consumers, making it easier to buy and sell.

Recently, an Australian-based site called Pitchi caused a stir with its fresh and unconventional approach to the traditional buy-and-sell concept. The site was launched to the Australian market in August of this year.

The concept of the website is for sellers to upload a “Pitchi”—a 60-second video of the user pitching the item they want to sell to the site’s audience of buyers. The video then can be shared to a network of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, thus actively promoting e-commerce across several online media platforms.

Pitchi weaves an interesting relationship between engaging content and persuasive selling, and provides a channel not only for consumers to buy and sell their products but the opportunity to be a viral internet personality as well. This unique development in online selling utilises online video sharing across sites like Facebook and Twitter. It was found in a recent Australian Multi Screen Report for Q1 of 2014 that watching consumer uploaded videos is one of the most engaging and common activities done by internet users, be it on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Pitchi is a great way for online traders to try their hand at something new, and currently can be accessed for free by sellers and consumers

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