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Five Ways to Save Money – Money Myth Busters. We have all heard the old money sayings that have become myths of their own, but which ones are true? We take a look at five popular money myths and give them our verdict. One myth that we believe to be true, is: ‘Where there’s muck, there’s money….Read more

The Official Australian Interest Rate Cut – What You Need To Know. A lot of hype was created when interest rates were recently cut and we followed the news using ‘Storify’. As highlighted a few times by humble savers, the interest rate cut may seem to be good news, but there is a sting in the tail. The interest rates are coming down because the economy is not performing…. Read more

Five Ways To Invest – How To Start Investing. To secure your financial future you’ll need to invest wisely. The last few years have been both confusing and disappointing for investors. This latest article aims to ‘clear the mind’ to help you make a fresh start…. Read more

Financial Trivia

Greece as we know is suffering a financial crisis and the world is again getting worried. The Greek debt is estimated to be $500 Billion, US Dollars (CIA World Fact Book).

The stock markets have got nervous over the past couple of weeks, worried that Greece will not pay back the debts. During this period of time, the US stock market as measured by the S+P 500, has lost over $600 Billion in value! The total value lost around the world is estimated to be three times the debt of Greece. If you are having difficulty making sense of it all, you are not on your own!

Interestingly, Apple is now worth $510 Billion (May 16, 2012). The GDP of Greece is $308 Billion.

A Super Program

Regret Nothing is a great website for younger people who want to take control over their finances. They have an exciting campaign commencing very soon that will help everyone to better understand their superannuation. Superannuation is important, 9% of our wages gets directed to it and this will climb to 12%.

For most people superannuation will become their largest asset, even larger than the family home. However, we often take very little notice of our superannuation until it’s all too late.

By signing up for the free six week program, you’ll learn more about superannuation and have quite a bit of fun along the way (I’ve seen some of the videos!) Click here to find out more


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