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Low Interest Rates – Be Careful What You Wish For The interest rate debate in Australia is close to fever pitch. The media and business community are putting pressure on the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to lower interest rates and this is (mostly) supported by the general public, but be warned –  lower interest rates is not always good news.Five Ways To Save Money – In RetirementEntering retirement should be exciting as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the extra free time after a long working career.  However, for many Australian retirees, irrespective of their financial situation, there will be some financial stress and anxiety when entering the retirement years.

FOFA – What Australian Consumers Of Financial Advice Need To Know The Australian Federal Government has just passed its ‘Future of Financial Advice’ legislation, better known as FOFA. The intention of the legislation is to create a transparent market for financial advisers to act and operate in the best interests of consumers. But what does it mean for you?

Twitter Money Quotes We trialed ‘Storify’ to present the latest savings and investment quotes from Twitter. Quotes include: “One of the most difficult tasks in the world is to convince a woman that even a bargain costs money”.

Financial Trivia
Inflation in Australia for 2011 was 3.1%. The average form 1937 to 2010 was 6.02%. The highest single year inflation was 17.6% in 1975 and the lowest was -0.3% for 1997.

The table below shows the purchasing value of $10,000 today and what it would be in 10 years time at the different inflation rates.
Inflation Rate





$10,000 in 10 Years





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10 Mortgage Rules To Live By – From – Some very handy tips for your mortgage

A $100 Weekend In Melbourne. – No Melbourne jokes please! This was via the New York Times

Take Steps to Avoid Bad Moves – Looking at ways to avoid ‘badmoves’ into dubious investments and other scams – via Sydney Morning HeraldWe hope you enjoyed enjoyed our newsletter and please forward it onto friends and family. Many thanks.


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