Not only is moving one of life’s most stressful experiences, it’s also one of the most expensive. Moving for less is the only way to go, especially when you’re relocating several kilometres away. The following tips provide practical ways to save money on your move while cutting down on some of the hassle.

Sell and Give Away Everything You Don’t Need

Before beginning any move, take an inventory on what you know you’ll need, and then begin to clear out, give away, and sell everything unnecessary. Moving is a costly proposition, so why pay to relocate items that have worn out their usefulness?

Save Money by Moving Yourself

One of the best ways to save money is to handle the bulk of the move on your own. Renting a truck and organizing the move may take a little more planning, but with support from family and friends the results are usually well worth it. In spite of increased fuel prices you’re still likely to come out ahead; renting a truck is often one of the most inexpensive way to go. You can pack and move your possessions, or store your household objects until you get settled.

Storage options will also be costly unless you do your research well. Services like TaxiBox mobile self storage will be more affordable because of their DIY option. They bring you the TaxiBox, you fill it up and they store it in their own storage facilities. It can save you hundreds of dollars by limiting your storage cost and not having to hire movers or a truck.

If you should decide to hire movers, get recommendations from friends and/or reputable business agencies. Compare prices and services and clarify the company’s insurance policies.  It’s worth looking into shipping items, like DVDs and books, through a postal service. Media rates often apply to these parcels and the cost may be significantly less.

Plastic Containers and Boxes

Plastic boxes are a good investment. Not only are they inexpensive and sturdy, they stack and store easily once you’ve arrived at your destination. Quality containers will last for years, providing versatile storage throughout the move and in the future. Another option is to use cardboard liquor, wine, and produce boxes. They can typically be acquired for free at local stores. Durable and just the right size, they are perfect for heavy items like books and small objects. Another option is to check the ads for free boxes, or purchase packing supplies (tape, markers, etc.), and reusable shipping boxes from local discount and dollar stores.

Clothing, Linens, and Plastic Bags

Although plastic bags tear easily, they are just right for storing winter clothes, bedding, and linens. Heavyweight clear bags make it easy to see the contents, and they provide great cushioning for furniture and packages while in transit.  Bubble-wrap and synthetic popcorn help to protect belongings; however, they are generally a waste of cash and an environmental hazard. Therefore recycled grocery bags, newspaper, towels, cushions, pillows, and linens can be used instead when wrapping delicate items.  (For shorter moves, you may want to carry your most cherished possessions in your own vehicle.)

Finally, Consider the Best time to Move

Depending on the season, the cost of your move will vary. If possible, plan to move at a time of year when fewer people are relocating. Prepare as far in advance as possible and downsize. Consider the most practical way to move, pack accordingly, and save money on your relocation!

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