A selection of money quotes selected from Twitter. Some useful, some just adding a bit of fun into your day. Enjoy

Money Quotes From Twitter

A selection of quotes for investing, saving and just about anything else to do with money

Storified by humble savers · Thu, May 17 2012 20:07:44

Ah yes very true – money in the bank should not be the measure of your life
~~ The real #measure of #wealthis how much you’d be worthif you lost all of your #money.- #quotesVirginia
Anyone still buying lotto tickets?
Quote of the day, ‘wishful thinking’ is not a proven investment strategy…..Gratke Wealth, LLC
Wishful thinking? Needs to chat to Gratke
May each dollar you spend halve your needs and each dollar you invest double your returns. ~Sam Sheppard #money #success #quotesSam Sheppard
Still thinking about this one – There’s a message in there somewhere
Money may be the husk of many things, but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite. – Henrik Ibsen #money #quote #quotes #foodMoney Mentor
Ah yes, a heart of gold in everyone
"People keep looking outside themselves for the money. It’s inside." — Stephen Pierce #quotes #moneyRunnerInsight
If you are hard up for cash this weekend, this quote is for you
Borrow #money from pessimists – they won’t expect it back. ~ Anon. #quote #quotesDedicatio Quotes
Maybe but probably temporarily. Even the very rich have money problems
They say that money can’t solve problems, but I’m pretty sure it would solve my money problem.Men’s Humor
Did a teen really say that? I don’t think so
I love shopping but surely I hate spending my money on it.Dailyteenwords
Men and their trucks!
Spending more money fixing stuff up on your truck or car than you would on a date.Because I’m a Guy
Growing up? I think so
Alright, I’m tired of spending money on my truck. it’s just money I’ll never get back. #growinupKyle Sharp
Needs to have a chat with Kyle
Time to start saving my money #needanewvehicle #preferablyatruckAnthony Wemple
Hope you enjoyed the quote – Now back to work

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