Don’t let a cramped office ruin your mood. Most people are at their most productive when they’re in a clutter-free environment. But with so much stuff cramped up in a little, enclosed space, it is inevitable that things get messy once in a while. Here are simple tips on how to maximize your office space (and actually save money while you’re at it!)

Get rid of clutter

Getting rid of all the clutter is the first step into your dream of an organized office space. Let’s face it, probably 60% of the stuff lying around on your work area are either decorative or useless. While it’s nice and dainty to pretty up your area, it also takes up space. So get rid of whatever hanging around that isn’t of much use to you and watch your desk go from cramped to spacious. Another great way to get rid of clutter is by investing in tools that will make your office space work for you, tools like Dymo label makers.

Box it all up

While getting rid of everything useless is ideal, there are simply some things you can’t let go. Those are the things you have to box up. This way, you don’t have to deal with anything lying around your office, and not give up anything still. Plus, you can easily stash your boxes inside cabinets. To save up on boxes, go for trusted brands like Packqueen.

Go paper-less

Not only does eliminating paper an effective way to lessen your office’s carbon footprint and help the environment, it will also save your pocket tons! Due to the raised eco-awareness of the consumers, paperless offices are now a trend so it shouldn’t be too hard of a switch, especially with the rise of chat messengers and emails!

Exercise stand up meetings

It is possible to have too many conference rooms. Practice stand-up meeting for quick, impromptu meetings to lessen the need of putting up another conference room (that takes up a lot of space!). Use the room for something more productive!

Settle for less

No, you don’t need that big executive table to put your teeny tiny laptop on. Settle for a smaller, less extravagant table. Browse sites for trendy yet space-wise furniture. Not only will you save some money, you’ll also be saving yourself a whole lot of space!

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