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How To Help Your Children To Save – Children are now back at school, however, ‘How to Save Money’ is not normally on the school curriculum. This is an easy to read article with tips and ideas to help to teach your children about the value of money and how to save it.

Credit Cards – When It’s Safe To Use Them Checklist – This article also includes two simple checklists that fit into your purse or wallet. The article was written after discussing credit card debts with some friends. They knew that they were vulnerable to spending too much on the plastic fantastic, but ‘no way’ were they going to cut them up. They just wanted a ‘warning’ before they pulled out the credit cards.

Have Your Debts Spiralled Out Of Control – Consider Debt Settlement – Unfortunately, the start of every year is often the peak time for personal debt getting out of control. If you have concerns over debt, it is vital to review all of your options. Debt Settlement, is a specialist service and is one option that should be considered, particularly if you have multiple debts.

New Services
In the coming weeks we will be launching ‘Humble Services for Financial Planners’. We will work with financial planners and associated businesses to improve the level of on-line service for their existing and new clients. We will assist the financial planners by using many of our articles and ideas from the development of humble savers. We will also look to include financial planners on our website to create more services to our readers.

Financial Trivia
Why is money often referred to as bread? It comes from the rhyming cockney (London) slang of ‘bread and honey’ = money. It is also often associated to ‘earning a crust’ – having enough money to buy the daily bread.

Articles of Interest From the Web
humble savers often has articles appearing on various websites often through Money Carnivals. Below are a selection of recent Money Carnivals and this is where you’ll find a vast array of personal finance information from around the world.



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