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We finished 2011 with guides to help everyone to reach their ‘money’ goals for 2012. Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, claims that 95% of New Year Resolutions are all but forgotten by mid January. If you want to see your 2012 goals come true you could benefit from revisiting  How To Set And Achieve Goals For Your Money – Three Step Guide.

Free ‘One Page’ Financial Planner Checklist – In our first major article for 2012 –Financial Planner Checklist – 8 Questions You Must Ask, we included a One Page checklist that can be easily downloaded. The article highlights 7 core questions to ask a financial planner and one big question to ask yourself, before finally selecting a financial planner. The big question for you is all about Trust. It’s a big decision to ask and pay someone to look after your financial future. Trust will need to be at the heart of the relationship for it to be successful.

Many people do ask  ‘Is there value in seeing a financial planner?’. Our view is quite simple – Yes. A good financial planner should work like a good local Doctor (GP), by giving easy to understand advice and calling on specialist for the more difficult issues that will arise. However, you do need to find a good one and also make sure that you are not getting over charged.

Many people would like to start the year by eliminating their debt – The article Budgeting – How It Can Make It Easier To Pay Off Debt is easy to read and gives some quick tips to get on top of any debts. It does highlight the ‘Snowball’ method of paying debts. You start with the small debts and work your way until you get the big debts paid off.

First Home Buyer – Fastest Way To Save For A Home Deposit is our latest article. We answer a question to help someone save as fast as they can to get that all important deposit for a new home. Fast ‘money saving’ and ‘money making’ tips are given.

Financial Trivia
The Market Capitalisation (the total value) of the 500 US Companies that make up the S+P 500 index  – In US Dollar Millions, is $11,709,614.41 (Jan 17 2012). For Australia’s top 200 companies in the S+P ASX 200 Index – In Aus Dollar Millions is$1,004,253.1 (Jan 18, 2012). Source Standard and Poors.

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