These last few months have been very difficult for investors right around the globe. The share markets have on regular occasions both fallen and risen dramatically giving every investor a real financial and an emotional ‘roller coaster’ ride.

There is no end in sight to this irrational investment market behaviour and it’s anyone’s guess as to when it may get back to so called stability.

What can we learn from these difficult times? Put simply, what happens on the investment markets is out of our control, but spending and saving is under our control. The more we put away for our own savings means we rely less on the unreliable investment markets to achieve our financial goals.

At humble savers we aim to bring our readers practical articles in an easy to read format, to help our readers to become better savers. We do a great deal of research and at times we find some very useful personal finance websites. Below are some of our favourites:

  • the simple dollar – A long standing website delivering a wide range of practical articles
  • Lazy Man and Money – Title pretty much sums it up! Has lots of articles covering many subjects with some quality guest writers
  • Get Rich Slowly – Award winning personal finance website that has lots of tools and creative articles
  • Consumerism Commentary – A very popular website that is often picked up by the broader US press
  • The Aggregator – This brings together over 700 different finance ‘blogs’ from around the world and has over 80,000 entries. The website is updated every 15 mins and highlights the most popular articles of the day
  • Regret Nothing – An Australian website targeting the ‘younger generation’. Relatively new compared to the websites above, but very fresh and full of new ideas about all things money.

We are very confident that you’ll find some very useful money saving tips, that you can immediately put to good use by investigating these websites.

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