A quick message to our humble savers readers – We now have a new website up and running called

Humble Investors have been created for our readers who are wanting greater investment knowledge.

It has been written for the Aussie investor, however, much of the content will be useful no matter where you are from.

The website is unique as the content is coming directly from professional financial advisers and associated businesses. You hear all the latest investment news directly from the people who are helping their own clients to secure financial security.

Each financial adviser at Humble Investors will have their profile ‘on show’ and with one click you can ‘connect’

We would appreciate if you came along and visited the Humble Investors website. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Humble Investors - Your Advice Hub

Important – humble savers will continue as a money saving website. You will notice more direct money saving opportunities over the coming months.


To join the the investment buzz at Humble Investors, just click on the link below

Click To Visit Humble Investors

A big thanks from the humble savers team for all your support.


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