Here in Australia we have been told to expect electricity prices to rise by approximately 20%. This price hike is already on top of recent increases which is already been damaging to household budgets.

Below are a series of quick tips that you can put to good use from today.

Cut out the Cold Drafts – Close the doors and windows. Pop down to the local hardware shop and buy some insulation strips for those loose fitting doors. Don’t forget to block off the air coming from under the doors.

Curtains – The windows let out most of the heat and in winter and in summer the reverse is true (leave the heat in). Make sure you close the curtains. Check the quality of the curtains, if you want to update now could be a good time with some heavy curtains that will provide better insulation.

In Summer – Air Conditioners are expensive to run but a fan is a fraction of the cost. For example a fan will run at approximately 100 watts, whereas a ducted air-conditioner will be between 3,750 and 6,350. This means a fan will cost less than 1/37th of a small air-conditioner. Source – Integral Chart

Timers for Cheap Electric – Electricity used at off peak can be up to one third of the price compared to peak periods. Off peak is normally from around 10.00PM to 7.00AM. Important – Off Peak electric is not always available – Check with your power supplier.

The best way to access this cheap electricity is through the use of timers. Examples include:

  • Dishwasher – Most now have a timer – check the instructions
  • Washing Machines – Similar to dishwashers
  • Swimming Pool and Spa pumps – Usually have a manual timer
  • Under-floor heating – could be beneficial to start the heating process earlier to make the most of cheaper electric and warm the house up early
  • Air conditioning systems – Use early to warm the house up.

Auto Timer for Lights – Outside lights can be put on auto timers to come on at certain times of the day. Better still use movement timers. The lights only come on when needed.

Better Light Globes – The new low voltage and long lasting globs are now a fraction of the price from when they first came on the market – check them out.

Modern Heaters – Electric heaters have never been cheap to run. However, with new designs and technology modern heaters that will be cheaper to use than your old heaters.

Cooking – Microwaves are more efficient than stove tops and ovens so consider using your microwave more often. There are great recipes and ideas via the web and YouTube for some great demos.

Defrosting – Think ahead, take out your frozen food the day before and place it in your fridge. This way you save on the cost of defrosting the food in the microwave. You also save on the cost to run the fridge as the frozen food lowers the temperature of the fridge. Win win situation!

Fast Showers – hot water is expensive so fast showers are must. If you want a long shower consider joining the local gym!

Cold Water Cycles on Washing Machines – A big saving can be made and with new detergents designed for cold water usage this is another quick and easy money saving option.

Switch power off at the plug – Most electrical items such as video and TVs use electricity when switched off at the unit. By switching them off at the plug, they will use no power. This might upset some of the timers but probably worth the trade off.

Reversible Air Conditioning Systems – Keep the temperature setting down. A higher temperature to warm the house up really burns up the electric as the air conditioner will be working hard all day to maintain that heat.

Clothes Dryers – Very expensive to run. Try and make better use of outside washing lines and internal clothes racks

And finally – Wear warm clothes and turn those lights off!

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What quick power saving tips do you have?

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