How do you put a price on something so valuable?

For most people, putting a “for sale” sign outside your house is easy, but selling it the right price isn’t. In a real estate market as competitive as Australia’s, homeowners need to step up their game on refurbishing their properties.

Here are few tips on how you can increase the value and make the most out of your home:

Start on the outside

Although we hate to admit it, a lot of people base the value of things solely on its appearance. Invest in making your house a standout–the kind that makes people on the street stop whatever they are doing just to have a good look on your property.

Make a good impression by dressing up your front door. Paint it with bright colour to make it look modern and inviting. It also helps to draw attention to your house.

You can also install pergolas at your front porch to add character to your house. Aside from that, you can also build a backyard deck which does not only add to the aesthetic of your house, but it could also be a great spot for hosting parties, barbecue nights or just relaxing under the sun. When choosing the material to use for your pergola and deck, opt for timber because of its durability. Companies such as Thomsons Outdoor Pine is a one-stop shop for all your timber needs, whether it be for a pergola, deck, fence, privacy screen or carport.

Going green is also a good idea to make your home seem relaxing. Make sure to get low-maintenance plants that require very little watering to help you save time and effort.

Revamp the interior

Once you have added curb appeal to your house, the next thing you should do is to ensure that your home interior is as good as its exterior. You don’t want the potential buyers of your house to get disappointed when they enter your abode.

Consider re-painting your walls for a fresher look. This will help make your interiors neat and pleasant. You will be surprised on the amount of faint marks like water stains that make your wall look dirty.

Having the right pieces of furniture add a lot of impact to your house. You can get a lot of inspiration from magazines and blogs on decorating rooms and maximising spaces at low cost. Aim for a classic look by hanging paintings instead of framed images or calligraphies of overused quotes. Aside from making the room look more sophisticated and classy, it can also be an interesting conversation-starter.

Take a look at each room and reflect on how you can make that room look better. Does it need more colour? More light? Does it need remodeling? Create a list to keep things more organised. You can also check out these useful articles to help you get started.


Finally, double-check everything before selling the house. Little things like unpleasant odour from moulds, leaks from the ceiling, and crooked floors are just few things to consider when setting a value to your property. Make sure to handle the damages before handing it over to another family. Here’s a list that can help you ensure that your house is in perfect condition before putting it on sale.

Following these simple tips can make your home stand out from the rest. You are now ready to unveil it and put it on the market!

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