Buying a house is definitely an exciting time in your life. However, one must remember the importance of having property done before signing off the pay cheque. With home inspections, you lessen the chances of making an expensive mistake.

House inspections give the buyers a chance to closely scrutinise the property they wish to purchase. Friends of the buyers or a professional home inspector can check out the property if the buyers can’t make it to the home inspection themselves. However, it is highly recommended for the buyers to go with a professional home inspector in order for them to know firsthand what they are buying.

Through a house inspection, buyers should be allowed to check out everything in the property before the purchase is done. In some cases though, gas or electric systems are not allowed to be turned on if the house is in a really bad condition. Fortunately, an unsatisfactory house inspection can help you back out of your offer, without the risk of penalties, within a certain period of time.

Remember, having property inspections done is one of the many ways to save money when buying a home. Hence, don’t skip home inspections to make sure the house is in good liveable conditions before purchasing.

In order to accurately record observations from the inspection, homeowners and property managers can benefit from using home inspection apps.

Cost efficient

Buying home inspection apps won’t break the bank. In addition, these apps can be used more than once, meaning you get your money’s worth.


Aside from being cost efficient, property inspection apps can also help save time. Manually re-typing paper-based notes can now be avoided, helping property inspectors do more work.


Property inspection apps, like Inspection Manager, make it easier for property managers and homeowners to take notes more efficiently. There’s no need for them to bring a camera, pen, and notebook on inspection day. All they need to do is to download the app on their mobile devices and they’re good to go. Recording notes and taking photos can now be done through the app.


Property managers no longer have to rush in and out of the office should they need to take a look at their records. Captured photographs and data are uploaded automatically to the cloud-based apps, making it easier for home inspectors to access their files.


Most home inspection apps are compatible with PC, iOS, Android, and Windows. Users should have no problem finding a home inspection app to help them work more efficiently.

Mail merge

Property managers can email the completed home inspection reports to homeowners or homebuyers once the file is finalised. They can easily go over the detailed report through the mail merge functionality, which helps them make informed decisions about the properties in question.

Expect exciting times ahead as you prepare to buy a new home. However, don’t let the thrill of purchasing a house distract you from what needs to be done. Remember to schedule and attend house inspections before paying for the house you’re eyeing. Otherwise, you might end up paying for more than you intended.

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