A Frequent Flyer’s Credit Card Checklist – Guest Post, David Boyd of Credit Card Compare

Choosing a frequent flyer credit card does not have to be difficult when you know what to look for in a card and what to avoid. Consumers who want to get the most for their money and accumulate frequent flyer miles (points) quickly should use the following checklist when applying for a frequent flyer credit card.

Bonuses and Frequent Flyer Mileage Rate

When choosing a frequent flyer card it is important to choose a card that is going to give you bonuses and the largest number of frequent flyer miles each year. To select the best card, flyers must review the overall package and fine print very carefully. Cards that offer bonus mileage are definitely worth considering, but should not be the only thing that motivates a frequently flyer to apply for the card.

No matter how many bonus points frequent flyers receive, consumers should always take the time to find out how many miles they will accumulate for each dollar they spend. By choosing a card that offers the most frequent flyer miles, consumers will be on their way to accumulating as many frequent flyer miles as quickly as possible.

Interest Rates

Before applying for a frequent flyer credit card, applicants must find a card that offers the lowest interest rate. Some credit card companies offer 0% interest rates and others offer very low interest rates. When considering which card to apply for, consumers should determine if there is an introductory period and how long the introductory period will last. Consumers should also determine what the interest rate will be after the introductory period is over. By choosing a card that offers the lowest interest rates, consumers will make sure they will save money each month.

To get the most out of a frequent flyer credit card, frequent flyers should choose a card that offers the lowest interest rate. This is especially true for flyers who do not maintain a zero balance on their card each month. Even though higher interest rates do not have an impact on how many frequent flyer miles consumers earn, consumers still want to keep how much they pay in interest to a minimum.

Frequently Flyer Credit Card Annual Fees

In addition to interest rates, another important item that frequent flyers should consider when choosing a frequent flyer credit card are the annual fees. Over the years, annual fees will add up so consumers may want to search for a frequent flyer credit card that offers no annual fees or low annual fees.

How Frequent Flyer Miles  Can be Used

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a frequent flyer credit card is how and when the frequent flyer miles can be used. Many frequently flyer credit cards allow flyers to use their points on one specific airline and other companies allow flyers to pick and choose the airline.

When Frequent Flyer Miles Can be Redeemed

Different companies offer different terms when it comes to how quickly frequent flyer miles can be redeemed. Consumers should check how often they can use their miles and how hard it is to book a flight when redeeming frequent flyer miles. In addition, consumers also want to check to see if the company offers a points plus pay benefit option, which allows travellers to use a portion of their miles towards the purchase price of a ticket.

Expiration Dates and Blackout Dates

In addition, frequent flyers should also check when their frequent flyer miles will expire. By choosing a card that offers a no expiration option, consumers will not have to worry about losing miles or having to redeem their miles by a specific date. By taking the time to check the frequent flyer miles expiration term, consumers will have more flexibility when it comes to planning trips.

In addition to expiration dates, consumers should also find out if the airline has any blackout dates. Sometimes airlines put restrictions on when frequent flyers can travel, so it is always important to ask about blackout dates when applying for a frequently flyer credit card.

By using this frequently flyer credit card checklist before deciding which card to apply for, consumers can save a tremendous amount of money and accumulate frequent flyer miles quickly.

David is a Qantas Frequent Flyer member who has written about his ideal frequent flyer card, as well as how to earn and redeem points, for The Credit Letter blog.

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