After catching up with friends over the weekend, I was given a task to help them from over spending on their credit cards. Like many people, they find themselves struggling to control their credit card debt.

I raised the obvious question, ‘If your credit cards are giving you so much trouble why not cut them up?  ‘No way’ I was told. ‘These days you must have credit cards; it’s just the way of the world.  We just need to be reminded to be careful before using them. A warning of some description would be a great start’.

At first, I struggled to take them seriously, but after a while it made some sense. We are quite used to warning signs to remind us about things that may seem obvious to many, such as: put your seat belt on, hot coffee can burn and gambling can cause significant financial losses. So why not have a warning for your credit cards.

With that simple brief, the humble savers team came up with two Credit Cards – When It’s Safe To Use Them Checklists

Each list is the size of a credit card so it can sit comfortably right next to your credit cards in your wallet or purse. You can use both suggested checklists or carry the one that you’ll think will work for you.

Most people who really suffer over spending on their credit cards tend to be impulsive spenders. Each checklist is designed to make you stop and think that little bit more before putting that purchase down on your credit card and having to pay back the debt, plus interest, down the track.

To download the credit card checklist, simply click on the link below. Upon downloading the PDF document, simply cut out the Checklist(s) that appeals to you.

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