Brand promotion is the heart of marketing and is vital for any business. Increase sales by getting your brand noticed by your target market. Here are five cost-effective marketing approaches that work for every business:

1. Use promotional products

Giving away promotional items is proven to be an effective marketing tool and is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand. These items generate brand awareness and extend brand exposure. Compared to flyers, promotional products are difficult to miss and not likely to get thrown away.

When ordering promotional items, make sure they have your company logo and tagline. On some items with a lot of flat space, such as shirts, mugs or umbrellas, you can also print your company’s contact details. If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to create an impact, there’s also a large range of amusing novelty items.

You can buy promotional items through dedicated companies like Fresh Promotions that have huge ranges of promotional merchandise and will offer discounts on bulk orders. Fresh Promotions also has corporate gift products like coffee sets and wine boxes – practical and memorable items that are great presents for loyal customers.

2. Set-up a business website

An online presence is important for companies to promote their brand. Building a website will make your products more accessible to the public and allow customers to find out more about your business and how to reach you.

Setting up a website no longer requires a lot effort or expertise. Make sure that the feel of the site is engaging and social so both existing and potential clients will enjoy browsing. You should also keep your site updated with all the new products and promos you offer.

3. Utilise social media

Word-of-mouth marketing has evolved into social media sharing, and sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the important marketing tools for businesses. A Facebook share or retweet on Twitter reaches a wider, more varied demographic.

Make sure to update your social media sites regularly and encourage interaction from your followers. Use them to promote special discounts and promos, and running competitions is a good way to bring more likes and follows to your pages.

4. Participate in local trade shows

Joining local trade shows is a good way to get your product out there and be noticed by trade buyers and big retailers. Trade shows also serve as an avenue for entrepreneurs to get business leads and generate sales.

Always be discerning, however, when choosing a show to participate in. Choose the one that has the same target market as your product.

5. Build customer relationships

Your loyal customer is your best salesperson – if you provide them with good service and high quality products they will remember you and refer you on. Through them, you can create a vast network and reach more clients. Develop a relationship with your customers by keeping in touch, sending them an invite to events, and sharing promotional offers like discount codes and coupons. Above all, make them feel valued.

Small business is all about relationships – nurture them and watch your sales grow.

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