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Selection of Saving and Investment Articles

This is a collection of Saving and Investment stories that have caught our interest here at humble savers – enjoy

Storified by humble savers · Thu, Aug 30 2012 22:28:12

Australian investors have avoided the stock market and invested in cash deposits at the bank. But what now? Interest rates are falling so should you consider investing back into the stock market?
Firm grasp on realityIllustration: Warren Hackshall How much of my money should I keep in cash? That’s the most common question many financial advisers are he…
Interesting article – Financial inequality does put presurre on friendships. As usual with Get Rich Slowly, the reader’s comments are a must read.
Friendships and Financial InequalityA few years ago, I started spending time with a coworker outside of work. She was cool, fun to hang out with, and we had a lot in common….
Classic article from The Simple Dollar – This won’t make you rich, but add it to all the other money saving tips, you will be well on your way.
Learn How to Do Simple Home Maintenance Tasks (241/365)Yesterday, I posted a long list of home maintenance tasks that you should consider doing regularly around your house. As was discussed th…
Credit Cards and reward points have been popular at humble savers. This article explores the issues one more time.
Maximise reward pointsThe strategy: To avoid being ripped off by reward credit cards. Are they likely to rip me off? A study by financial comparison site Mozo …
From our friends at What is best when you need $5,000.00, credit cards or a personal loan?
Credit cards versus personal loans. What’s the cheapest way to borrow $5,000? | The Mozo BlogHave you ever needed a short burst of extra cash, maybe to pay for that trip overseas or make some improvements around the house? You pro…
And to finish off, what weprobably always knew but had it confirmed (sort of). New appliances are simplynot designed to last.
LG Rep: Washers And Dryers Are Not Meant To LastMorgan called up LG looking for a part for his dryer. He had learned that he wouldn’t be able to get the appliance repaired. That was dis…

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