Buying and selling real estate in Brisbane has traditionally been stressful and expensive. Finding the right agent to sell your home often ends up looking like a beauty parade of colourful characters with empty promises. It’s time for change.

Otto Real Estate will soon open its doors and change the way Brisbane buys and sells real estate. Michael McKenney, the principal of Otto Real Estate brings a wealth of experience and world class marketing strategies to sell your home. Michael McKenney commenced Otto Real Estate to make the buying and selling real estate easier, faster and cheaper

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10 Tips for preparing your home for sale

To help you with preparing your home for sale, we have our top ten tips for sellers listed below.

1 – Curbside appeal

First impressions start at the curbside, so consider what your home looks like from the street. Ask friends and neighbours for comments, as often you won’t see the faults yourself

2 – Declutter

The number one turn off for buyers is clutter. It makes the home untidy and it also makes the home look smaller. Start with your wardrobe and work through every room in the house and don’t forget the garage

3 – Clean and clean some more

A clean home gives all the right messages to a potential buyer. It says you are proud of your home and you have taken good care of it. Professional cleaners available and it can be money well spent to have the professional cleaners come in and do the house from top to bottom. After that, you can keep it looking good with a quick once over between inspections

4 – Don’t forget the garden

The garden often takes up the largest portion of the block so it makes sense to have it looking nice. If you can’t do this yourself, get some gardeners who can give it a good clean up. The gardeners can also add some colour by planting some seasonal flowers

5 – Don’t do major renovations

A major renovation such as a new kitchen or bathroom in the hope of getting a higher price is rarely worth the expense. Buyers will have their own design in mind for any new bathroom and kitchen. They will price in any changes (if any) with their offer. By all means clean these areas up and fix some obvious defects, but don’t spend big

6 – To style or not to style?

A growing number of properties going to market are styled by professional stylists. The stylists will plan the look of the home and bring in new furniture, bedding, mirrors and paintings for the marketing campaign. For many people this is a great option but for others, it can be expensive. At Otto, we will discuss your best value for money options for styling your house

7 – Professional photographs for the web

Professional photographs are a must. People will always check out properties on the web so it is important to have your home looking its best. We can arrange high quality photographers at a reasonable fee

8 – Be flexible

Many buyers are busy people and will often request an ad-hoc inspection. Be prepared for this by maintaining your home in tip-top condition throughout the marketing campaign

9 – Don’t talk to anyone!

Buyers will try and find out any information they can that may give them the upper hand when negotiating a deal for your home. They will not hesitate talking to neighbours. Selling is a bit like playing cards, you need to keep your hand close to your chest

Don’t pay too much for selling your home

Selling a home can be very expensive if you go to the wrong agent. The costs may sound similar as agents tend to talks about fees as a percentage of the home value. For example, 2.5% of the sale price. A small difference in this percentage fee can make a big difference to you. To find out how much you can save with a lower fee, click on the link below

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Your next steps

To celebrate the opening of Otto Real Estate we are offering to sell your home for free (free of our commission). This will only be available to the first ten people who list their homes for sale.

For a chance to sell your home for free, click here to register at Otto

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