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Humble Savers was created as an opportunity to share practical money saving and investment ideas that work. Not just our ideas, but to also share your ideas and the ideas of professional advisers.

Our number one goal at Humble Savers is to help you to save and invest your hard earned cash

 Recent Updates – Sponsored ‘Professional Posts’

We are teaming up with advisers from financial services to bring a steady stream of rich, informative content. The new content will help build humble savers to become a prime source of personal finance information. It will also allow you, as the consumer, to contact the writers of all the guest posts.

How can Humble Savers help finance professionals?

The web is now the premier source information. Our goal is to have a community working as one to help with financial matters. It is an opportunity for financial professionals to listen to consumers, share ideas and work in a team. It’s not about glossy brochures and fancy advertising slogans.

You can also lodge your own ‘Professional Post’. This will give you the opportunity to build your own profile in financial services by submitting quality personal finance articles. For more information, see our Promote Your Brand Page.

Reliance on all of the money saving tips and ideas

We believe the money saving tips are very practical and will help our readers save money in many different ways. These tips and ideas are general in nature and do not take into account your specific personal situation. We always recommend that our readers seek professional advice for their own personal situation. See also our terms of use.

Some fun at Humble Savers

Having a bit of fun is all part of the experience here at humble savers. So please enjoy the reading and be prepared to share some of your lighter money saving moments.

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