Canada, like other countries, has its own unique customs system. A variety of paperwork and declarations are mandated with a specific system for processing and expedited imported goods. For businesses that ship goods frequently to Canada, they can ill afford to have their inbound inventories caught up in a perpetual customs hold. But with the right Canadian customs brokers helping you ship your goods, this need not be a matter to worry or fret over. Finding the right one for your needs is as easy as following these five helpful tips.

Find Positive Reviews

You’ll always want to fully review your options with Canadian customs brokers by reading actual testimonies of them online. Places like Yelp and Google Places are fabulous for this, as are places like Yahoo Business or Bing Business. Look for unadulterated reviews, so you can really get a good idea of how they are providing their services to meet another business’ needs.

Talk To A Real Person

When dealing with any shipping services provider, the last thing that you want to feel like is that your business is just another number. The truth is that that the best companies want you to know that your business matters. Typically, a dedicated account representative is assigned for your company, a person who is your point of contact and guide throughout your business relationship. This mantra is the best option for doing business on a “handshake” with Canadian customs brokers.

Look For Referrals

Sometimes, a referral can make all the difference in the world. In regard to the service provider that you will be entrusting with your imported goods, a referral can go a long way in you alleviating your efforts to find a good match. If you do have friends or associates who can recommend a service, it’s always a smart decision to at least take a look and consider a vetted option first.

Hand-Guided Process

In a recent article by Profit Guide, they advise that you look “for a broker that will do some hand-holding.” This is a necessary step to take if you are unfamiliar with customs process for this country. Each nation has its own unique rules and regulations on all of their inbound international imports. Having an expert to guide you through each process can enable you to avoid mishaps and prospective delays that can really eat into your profit margins and operational capabilities.

Know Your Options

You have a variety of options that you can consider when choosing the right Canadian customs brokers. Perhaps the best route of action to explore is the full-featured, full service one. Being able to tap into the industry expertise and experience of the all-inclusive firms may cost a bit more in the interim, but will pay off in full in the long run when you don’t have to worry about getting behind on fulfillment due to customs placing holds on your inbound inventory.

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