Buyers are grabbing up waterfront real estate in CT at neck-breaking speed. There are ample reasons why this state has quickly become a hotbed for home seekers and investors alike. If you have been considering investing in a home or relocating for a change of pace, it’s always helpful to know the reasons why a region like this has become as attractive to home buyers as it currently is. We’ll deliver five reasons to help you better decide.

Strong Land Value Retention

If you take a look at the most current listings of waterfront real estate in CT, you would note that the land value has only appreciated in recent years. The toxic real estate bubble is long since over. Homes are going up in value year after year, and it’s slowly becoming a national seller’s market. With that in mind, you can assure that any investment that you do decide to make has a strong land value retention; meaning that you will continue to accrue value year in and year out with healthy returns.

Unsurpassed Beauty and Views

You get to enjoy all four seasons with waterfront real estate CT. So no matter what season you favor the most, it will be yours for the taking. Whether you love the water and summertime, lakeside activities, or the fall foliage that comes each season, Mother Nature and her splendorous wonders will be yours to enjoy whenever you see fit.

Vacation Homes with Supplemental Income

You can use the waterfront homes in CT that you own as a vacation home while also supplementing your income, advises Forbes. You should bear in mind that you will want to run this by your accountant, as the home will be subject to rental tax as well as affecting your tax bracket with the state and with the federal government. But, doing so can also help you increase your income and can sometimes even pay for the house itself. Being able to enjoy an annual getaway while earning money on an appreciating asset is just smart thinking.

Viable Investment Strategy

There are few investment strategies that pan out as nicely as real estate. For starters, you are investing in an appreciating asset, one that comes with a locked interest rate if you take out a mortgage on it. Two, you can write the interest off your taxes each year to reduce your liability. Finally, it’s an asset that you can use as you see fit; unlike money that you invest in stocks or locked CDs or other financial instruments.

Convenient East Coast Location

The East Coast has so much to offer. It’s a confluence of beauty, seasonal changes, history and culture. Connecticut is within a close proximity to New York, Massachusetts and many other East Coast states. You’ll enjoy a centralized location that makes it easy to enjoy cost effective travels at your beckoning.

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