There are many tips out there that can help you save a lot of money on your next renovation, but here are five of the most important.

1. My Work

Don’t hesitate to work on the small jobs yourself, if you think you are capable of doing it or have the time to, as it’s surprising just how much money you can save by doing so. Even if you do hire tradesmen to do work on your renovation make sure you build up a good relationship with them and ask if you can do anything to help them, even if it is menial work.

2. Quality not Quantity

You can splurge out on the biggest and the best, but it will cost you and very dearly. So try and pick some focal points of the room or area you are renovating and spend more on these particular items. This way you will be able to draw attention even more so to these focal points. It will also, no doubt, take the attention away from the cheaper items in that space.

3. Planning

It sounds simple to make sure that you have planned everything before undertaking your renovation but a lot of people don’t. Don’t leave anything to chance during your renovation, make sure every single little detail is planned and double-checked. Because if anything falls outside of the plan and time is wasted, it becomes a waste of money. The tradesmen will want to do the best possible job for you so make sure you work with them. They will also consult with you about the details, so make sure you stick to your plan, as this will help the tradesmen as well.

4. Sticking to the Plan

Another simple yet rarely followed rule of renovating is sticking to your plans. Next time you think of changing your plans at the last minute, think of this, it could cost you around three times as much to change your plans. How could this be? Well if it’s something that is constructed it will cost you the initial amount to build it, then x amount to demolish it, and finally another amount to rebuild it to your new specifications. This is why you need to commit to your plans.

5. Bargain Hunting

Make sure you do your homework and shop around not only for items for the renovation, but also for the tradesmen that will do the work for you. A good reference point for this is a company like Mabey Hire, where they have quality tradesmen at a quality price. Of course you want the best work done possible, but you need to make sure the prices match up as well. Bargain hunting for items for the renovation can be as simple as asking at your local hardware store for their clearance section, or any unclaimed orders or former floor models hidden from view. These items can give you some real bang for your buck.

Have you renovated your home before? Leave you handy hints in the comments below.

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