You are managing a law firm. You don’t have a second to yourself, and you notice others around you are in the same boat. Whether it’s a temporary overload due to a big case coming up, or you’ve had several staff members off sick, or it’s just not practical to hire another person to help out, it can often cause tempers to flare even in the most rational lawyer or support staff.

Now for the good news: you do have options. You don’t have to take care of absolutely everything. From specific tasks that might be draining the time of your lawyers or solicitors to general business processes that might be chewing up your days, here’s our list of things your law firm can outsource without sacrificing quality or clients.

Property Information Searches

Property information search projects can be time consuming and tedious. Luckily, it’s an easy one to pass on to experts such as GlobalX Legal Solutions who will take care of all your property searches requirements from small to enterprise-scale. They can get all of your property information including a certificate of title search, giving you more time to handle other legal matters.


For small to medium firms in particular, outsourcing marketing is a practical and economic move. While it is often something that feels achievable at the beginning – hand out some fliers, advertise in directories and get your friends to recommend your firm – it is like any discipline in business, where having a dedicated professional gets positive results. Instead of trying to manage it all and only managing to get everything half-done, outsource your marketing to a reliable agency or consultant and relax knowing that your money is working for your firm.


Teaching new employees things like software programs and processes can be costly and take a lot of time. Outsourcing training using resources like online modules, physical training days or enlisting someone else to come in a take care of it can free up your schedule. Besides that, on-the-job training is often patchy and not consistent, especially if it is taken care of by co-workers. You may find that shortcuts or bad habits are passed on, an issue which can be tackled by ensuring a thorough, professional approach is taken.

IT Support

Have you got someone in the office who unofficially takes care of everyone’s tech problems? It’s often a convenient solution when someone’s internet is down or there’s an issue with a spreadsheet. The reality is, though, that unless your unofficial tech guy or girl has actual qualifications, you could be asking for trouble. If they accidentally do something wrong and wipe important information or cause a virus to spread through the office network, you could have cost yourself more than you saved.

Outsourcing to a professional brings not only the expertise but also the security that comes with enlisting a service provider.

Outsourcing can feel expensive when you think about out of pocket costs, but when you compare it to the cost of hiring someone in a full-time capacity to fill that role or the potential return on investment with a job well done, it can definitely be worth it. What jobs does your firm outsource?

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