Some people may believe the marketing hype that shows the only way to love life is to be driving expensive toys, dressed in the latest designer fashions while holidaying in exotic parts of the world. Life does not need to be that superficial and when you think about it, great joys can be cheap and beautiful.

Here are some of my simple joys that come in for less than $10.00

Fresh bread

Start the day with fresh baked bread from the local baker, or better still, bake your own. Fresh bread is more expensive than the white sliced stuff from the supermarket, but it still comes well under $10 for a great loaf.

Toasted bread with a bit of butter in the morning – can’t be beaten.

A great cup of coffee

Coffee has taken off massively across some parts of the world, especially in Australia. No matter where you go, a great cup of coffee can be found and it is a perfect way to start your day.


Buying a bunch of flowers can be expensive, but why buy when you can grow your own? Buy some small pots, seeds and you’ll soon fill the house with colour and a beautiful aroma.

Charity shops

Pop along to your local charity shops and find a bargain. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.  This is a double win, as not only do you get a bargain, you are also helping a good cause. Now doesn’t that make you feel good!

Save your change

Every night when you get home, empty your pockets of change into a big container. Once you get into the routine of doing this simple exercise, you’ll soon build a tidy bucket of savings without any pain.  To make the most of the savings, cash them in for special events like holidays, birthdays and Christmas.

Take the bus

Okay bus travel isn’t that great, but the again, travelling by car is city traffic is also quite painful and a lot more expensive. The Australian Tax office (ATO), will assume that a medium car costs 76 cents per KM to run. That means a 40 KM round trip is $30.40. Do this trip 5 days a week for 46 weeks, that’s an astonishing $6,992 a massive slice of most peoples wages. A bus fare will be a small fraction of that amount.

There are some fun things you can do on a bus that is not possible to do in the car. This includes catching a nap, listening to music in peace (with some good headphones), catch up on some reading and update your social media pages!

Visit the local library

Some people may think that the library is dead now that everything is online, but nothing could be further from the truth. The local library still offer great books at very low rates and there is so much more. Audio books, CDs, MP3s, magazines, toys. You can access other services such as photocopying, hire rooms and computers. Incredible value and for most people, they are just around the corner.

Take a picnic

As a child I can’t recall eating in a cafe let alone a restaurant, but we never went hungry on our days out. My mother would always pack a picnic and off we went to enjoy the countryside. Finding a quiet spot away from the city noise will literally be a breath of fresh air. You’ll come back from your picnic feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and your credit card will remain in tact.

Get fit, get walking

Walking is cheap cheap and mighty good for you. Its is very inclusive (most people can do it!). It has some great benefits from helping with your fitness, weight control and your cardiovascular system. Research also shows that walking can also help when you’re feeling down.

Walking is more fun and beneficial when walking with a friend, so get on that phone now and book in a walk.

Phone a friend

We are more connected than ever before but how often do we actually speak to our friends? Back in 2012 a study revealed that making calls was the fifth most used ‘app’ on a smartphone! contact with friends and family has amounted to a few ‘likes’ and the occasional text.

Making telephone calls is now the fifth most used app on a smartphone!

Pick up the phone, work through your contacts and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Make a time to catch up over a coffee and toast at the local library, and get there by walking or take the bus. If you have a group, go and have that picnic.

That’s my list, what are things you like to do?

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